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    March 19, 2013
    2:30 - 3:00am PDT  

and so, throughout his time in middle school and high school, and college, our house was always full of young men and one of the rules in my house is you be respectful. and they come to me they ask me questions about life, about how do you do your job? what should i do about my career? and i tell them stay in school. get your education and with that you can go anywhere. i appreciate your words. and i relate to you frequently. and director hicks i appreciate everything that you have done for me. i appreciate your direction, your support, and the guidance, and you can there for me to bounce things off of you and i appreciate that. you always are receptive and thank you for that. commissioners, it was a pleasure serving you and the city and county of san francisco. and the san francisco police department. we wish you guys the best, god bless you. thank you. >> thank you.
[ applause ] >> come forward. >> charles to support for 40 years.
>> please call, do we have any general public comment regarding this? >> no. >> okay. >> thank you very much. please call line item number 3. >> line item 3, 3a, chief's report, discussion, review of recent activities. >> commissioners, there has been a lot of activity. so, in the interest of time, i will just highlight most of the cases that have goting a lot of time in the media lately. and then if anybody has any questions, i can speak to that. so i will start with friday night, there was an
officer-involved shooting in san francisco. but it was not by the san francisco police department. daily city police had been chasing a stolen car. they abandoned the chase at 101 and 280. bay view officers spotted the car, and it was already on rems and very slow, more following than pursuit and took it to bay shore and both suspects exited the vehicle and the driver with the gun in hand, for a short foot chase and the suspect turned on the officers in one of the daily city officers discharged his firearm killing the suspect. the reason that the san francisco police department was so prominent in the investigation is that we conduct the investigation on all officers-involve shooting in san francisco, whether or not we do the shooting or not. but i want to be very clear to the public we were not involved as a shooter in that event. >> on saturday, morning,
saturday evening, about 11:00. we were actually fell victim to an auto burglary ourselves an ar 15 assault rifle was stolen from the plain clothes car while they were doing a surveillance, 1000 block of mission street and i want to give a huge thank you for the oakland police department and we put it out that we had lost this very dangerous weapon. and through, tireless police work, back and forth from some of our plain clothes officers and there as we were able to locate residents in oakland, and serve search warrants and recover not only rar 15 and the other property that was taken from trunk but a second ar that was taken. but we had a very sound event happened on force and slope and on saturday night. a 17-year-old girl on her birthday crossing the street was hit by a drink driver and
killed. one block from her home. that drunk driver was taken into custody. and he will be rigorously prosecuted. the child attended loyal high school. >> and then on sunday at about 3:00 in the afternoon, a woman entered a home on the 2000 block of lion street, she was under the influence of bath salts, which is a newish drug that is hitting the streets right now. and can be smoked snoerted or in jected and it causes increased blood pressure, paranoya and reduced need for feed or sleep, i don't know why anybody would not want to ingest this thing. she harmed herself with a shot gun in the residents. we used our new protocol. and established a perimeter and engaged her in a conversation. when she came out to the
front... the residents were able to get out and when she came out on the front porch she was distracted and the officers used the bean bag gun and she dropped the gun and she was taken into custody and she will be okay. >> monday morning we suffered the 7th homicide of the year at third and palu. a young man was killed with another or killed by another young man, the suspect responsible was arrested and the firearm was recovered and obviously he will be prosecuted for homicide and then last night, just before 7:00, there has been a series of shot gun robberies going on in the city, the night before on jennings street a woman had parked her car in her garage when several suspects armed with a shot gun, relieved her of her vehicle. last night the bay view officers spotted this vehicle,
a short pursuit took place and the vehicle went on to george court which is a dead end, the officers exited the car ordered the driver to stop and he put it in reverse and striking one of the officers, which then knocked him to the ground and then as the car was then going to go forward, the officer was down in the street. the other officers fired at the driver, in an effort to save the officer on the ground's life. they were successful, the suspect was struck in the upper body. non-life threatening wounds and he is recovering at the hospital right now. the officer on the ground was bumped, bruised but will be okay. and it worked. all officers ended up being okay, to that end, tomorrow night in keeping with our commitment that we will have a public meeting on any officer-involved shooting at 1800 oak dale, tomorrow at 6:00, we will speak to the officer-involved shooting on george court. we had to do it very quickly,
because i will be away next week. at the f.b.i. national executive session for a week in virginia. tomorrow, myself, and as many officers, i am sure it will be very many will be attending, the funeral of the two fallen santa cruise firefighters at sanjose pavillion and those start at noontime and some of the happier events, if you will, the department is the chair this year, for the march to help the babies campaign, we had the kick off this week at the omni hotel and the department's committed to trying to raise 100,000 dollars for healthy babies. the grand opening of the 6th street, public safety hub will be on friday, but it was to be tomorrow, but we had to delay it a day in honor of the officers from santa cruz on march 8th at noontime,
obviously the commissioner director hicks and anybody will be welcome and this is a long awaited thing for the folks along the 6th street corridor and to that end, we have added eight additional beat officers to the compliment and hope to add more if the hiring goes up. while i am at the f.b.i. academy i have to go to washington, d.c. on the 13th, to speak about our support for the tithing of gun laws, gun violence and advocate on in favor of tighter and restricting sentencing on straw purchases for firearms, or folks that are able to buy guns, and purchase them for prohibited persons. we recovered, one such weapon, from a ring that was doing straw purchasing, from georgia, on hunter's point hill and the same group was responsible for using the straw purchase weapon to kill officer james kabua of the police department.
so, that concludes my report and i can answer any questions anybody has with regard to any of those events. >> yeah, i just want to briefly, i heard from folks regarding the incident with the young lady with the bath salts that your officers showed incredible restraint and if was any other jurisdiction she would not be here today, she had a gun and things are working and they handled it and took their time and hopefully this young lady and her family will some day appreciate that. >> they did a good job. >> commissioners anything else? >> commissioner, dejesus? >> so, i got to say that the stealing the gun from, i saw the gun on the news, stealing the gun from the squad car is something that assume that we are going to investigate. >> it was not from a squad car. >> it was from a plain cloths. >> it was window smash and we
believe that they accessed the trunk release and all of the trunk releases and all plain clothes vehicles have been closed. >> okay. >> i did forget one more event because there were so many. this morning four suspects entered a marijuana grow on jennings street and officers heard the triggered alarm and four of the suspects fled and the bay view officers took the suspect into custody in short order, four suspects went back into the grow. and spent pretty much, 7 hours inside, armed with a ski mask and for about five of those hours, four employees were also inside our tactical company formed a great plan and extracted the floor of what could have become hostage and later are on rather robust barking canine made a cooler head for veil and the suspect surrendered to the dog. >> okay. >> good, that was also great
work. >> yeah. >> commissioner chan? >> thank you, chief very much for your detailed report as always. i think that it is so great to hear about the incidents and this woman that was on bath salts and had the weapon and you did what you did which was amazing and what happened this morning and i just want to encourage the department to consider awarding and recognizing this type of tactics and thoughtfulness and i think that it due to what you put out and so i appreciate that and congratulations to the officers and hard work for putting themselfs in harms way. >> dr. marshall? ei have to be at the committee meeting, i want to make sure that we don't have more than four, so, anybody else planning ongoing? >> i can make it. >> i just want to make sure that we are covering that. >> that is fine. >> thank you very much chief, call item 3 b.
>> occ director's rment discussion. review of recent activities, presentation of the occ monthly comprehensive statistical report and companion reports for the periods of january 1, 2013 through january 31, 2013, and january 1, 2012 will you january 31, 2012. medation of complaints on january 2013 and adjudication of sustained complaints in january 2013. >> good evening, members of the commission and chief, sir and members of the audience. you have in your packets the january 20, 13 and 2012 statistical reports and companion reports that i will briefly discuss them. they were on your february, your mid february agenda but that meeting was canceled. soon we will be receiving
probably next week, the february sta stits cal report. from january to the end of the month, the occ opened 55 cases. that is 12 fewer cases than we opened in january of 2012, when we opened 67 cases in 2013, the occ investigators closed one less case than they opened and they closed 54 cases. as of january 31st, actually as of today, the occ has 306 pending cases compared to 357 pending cases as of march six of last year. medations in january, five cases were mediated in january, that would be ten percent, approximately ten percent of the cases we closed. and in february, we also mediated five cases. in january, six officers were offered medation and two of them declined. the occ sustained allegations and allegation in one case in
january. and that is 6 percent of the cases, we closed. and no complaints were adjudicated by the police department during january. that concludes my report. >> thank you very much, director hicks? >> commissioner chin? >> welcome. >> thank you, very much. >> good evening, that was an incredible retirement party that you put together for charles it was really well done. >> thank you very much. it was well deserved. charles has given the city so many years of service. and i can't say enough. how impressive it was that while the occ performs a task, that is along the lines of discipline, there were many members of the police department captains and command staff members who were there to tell charles how much they appreciated his subjectivity
and his fairness in the job that he did. >> that was awesome. >> thank you. >> if we could call line item 3 c. >> 3 c, commissioner reports of the discussion. commission president's report and the commission's reports. >> we had our meeting last week in the community in northern station, i have to say that captain did a excellent job with the out reach it was probably the best attended meeting with over 100 community members and two members of the supervisors and mark farrell and one of the new supervisors were present and so i want to thank you for the excellent job and thank you for the officers at northern station and thank the father, the pastor and called in the church who allowed us to use the new community room there. and it was again, it was a very successful community meeting. so i want to thank them for that. so that is all that i have to report, and other than the fact that i want to tell you that your chief i know that you are tired and you reported about a lot of things that happened. this police department has done a lot in the last week.
and people really have to appreciate your hard work and i appreciate what you do and what the men and women do out on the street this last week and if we were to give a report card it would be an aplus, so thank you. >> appreciate it. >> commissioners in anything to report? >> no. >> please call line item 3 d. >> commission announcement and scheduling of items identified for consideration at future commission meetings action. >> any announcements? inspector monroe? that we are here march 13th in room 400, at city hall for the next meeting. and then we will have a committee meeting in the mission on march 27th. >> yeah, i have two things for future consideration. commissioner chan is next. but there are two things that we need to do. you know, every day we get a report of all of the major incidents and crimes that take place. and i can't help but see that every time that we get this, robbery iphone and we hear this
at our committee meeting and so i have done a little research into this and i would like the police department to give us an idea of what percentage of the robberies, because the robberies are up are for iphones and the captain gave the example of driving by a bus stop and seeing 14 people looking at their iphones. and it is a problem. and there is always one way to stop this problem if we could have somebody from apple come here and explain to us why they cannot deactivate those phones once they are taken in a robbery so that they have no resale value. so that there is no need for somebody to take those phones if they are deactivated we would have fewer robberies. i would like to get the ideas from the statistics and somebody can get hurt or killed over an iphone and if apple can't explain to us why we do tha. we are in charge of policy and procedure. people are being robbed on a daily basis for the iphones, we need an explanation of what they can and can't do. >> if we can put that on the agenda, and i know that i talked to the chief about this
and the statistics are probably the majority of robberies are for phones and not just apple >> we have concerns about how things are going with the patrol specials that we deal with them all of the time and there has been some and we have hired new assistant parole specials and i am hoping that we will reach out to the thorough commissioner, chan that we are willing to take a look at some of the rules and procedures that meet with the new patrol coordinator and an inventory of the specials that we have and how are things going, if you would not mind doing that, it is just your expertise and we have to talk about this if you like to talk to this before it is a problem. >> i could do that and perhaps i will recruit another commissioner >> commissioner chan? >> okay. >> and just to clarify to make sure that i am clear on this. on the patrol specials what are
the questions? >> our questions are, are they staying in compliance with our rules and procedures? are these beats being monitored? again i think that we have lost track of who is running what beat and who is doing what? we hear different things about for example the patrol specials that are no longer with them but on the beat. we need to clean up the mess a bit. it did get better. but it is out of hand >> who is working with them? >> sergeant simon kim. >> and so i will recruit them so he will have more information. >> thank you very much. >> so, my question that i had was about dgo 0.05, i am wondering what is the good date for that. >> we are at revisions 31, and we are ready to send it as a final... (inaudible) as one hopes draft to the occ and to
the poa for consideration. so as far as sending a draft, and i think that we are done. so, whenever you would like to counter, obviously i will not be here next week, the next week we are dark. and the next week we are in the community. so perhaps the next meeting after that. >> march 13th, we changed it a bit, so on the second wednesday we meet now but not on the third wednesday. so would it be possible to hear it on march, am i seeing this right? you will be gone, i am seeing. i think that it is february still. >> so we are looking at april third? would that work? >> that is fine with us. >> okay. >> so april third for the pursuit driving dgo. >> i mean the only caviot with that is if the poa wants to meet and confer on the policy changes and that scheduling then may have its own course that might delay a little bit. but there is a legal obligation to provide notice of the change
and confer with the oa request. >> and since we are a month out, hopefully that is enough time for them to respond. sometimes it is hard to put all of the schedules together. for the people who need to be there. okay. >> for now, april third. >> thank you. >> commissioner kingsley? >> i would like to also schedule on the april third, meeting the scheduling resolution. commissioner turm an and i have been working with the city attorney katie porter for the last several months and we have received report from director hicks and the department on that and we are getting it into a format to be able to be able to be discussed by the commission as a whole. and just kind of as a heads up on this, when you receive the document, you know, the commission has a number of mandates on it. you know, for its responsibilities and activities and they come from many
different directions. and this resolution is an attempt to organize that bring it together for us to assess that and update it for 2013, with how we think that we should go forward. you know, on our many responsibilities and activities. those that we have can control that are resolution based and also to provide a road map not only for us, on an annual basis, but also for new incoming secretaries of the commission, as well as new commissioners. everything will be in one spot. and that it will serve as a good road map. and just also keep in mind, when you get this draft, is that the city attorney in putting it together, used as basically a blueprint the resolution, similar resolutions for the fire department, i believe. and so, we are not creating
those completely from scratch. so, we thank you for that, and april third is it? it would seem to be a good time for that. >> dr. marshall? >> commissioner? someone brought up, i think that out the whole taser thing that we had the three community meetings. so what is the next step? i am just curious what is the plan? >> sure. i need to meet with the other commissioners, the chief as well as the occ, to debrief on the three meetings that we have had and because we have had three meetings, that is six hours plus of any community testimony and questions and discussion and each of us have probably a box full of information. so we need to meet and figure out what have we gathered so far, how does that track with the resolution that this commission, i think that it was unanimously passed in 2011, that we meet all of those requirements and that, based on that, i assume that we need to
write up or have some sort of finding of some sort. and then, once that is ready, get that in front of the commission, so that is what i see as the next steps as a single commissioner without conducting with the other ones and i need to talk to them and make sure that that is right. >> and for me, nobody else. and my idea of the time frame in that? >> i am not sure. i am not sure. >> but you guys could let us know. >> we will let you know. >> we did say at the last commission or community meeting that we would try to make it as close as we could within 30 days. so, i know that my hope would be that we could have at least we could have the findings to the full commission by at least the middle of april. >> we could work and watch the bench mark dates and i know that it is not easiest and we will do it all of the time so
that we will at least try so that everybody will have a time frame. >> thank you. >> commissioners, anything further? >> hearing none, it is now public comment on-line items 3 abcand d. >> commissioners, good evening, very briefly is that i brought it up in 2011 and brought it up in 2012. that for the (inaudible) local neighborhoods you need to do more advertising. plain and simple. on the medians all that i saw was a little 4 x3, in the bay view times on those meetings, they were not listed anywhere else that i know of on planet earth. and then i saw a flier on the door. we are going on with your meeting in parts of the city where the people and those parts of the city don't even
know that you exist on the planet. there is no notification, outside of a website, or i don't know what other meetings you are using to put the advertise those, but it is not anything that i read papers in the san francisco. the chronicle and the examiner, some of the local ones, and i have yet to see one ad. and the police commission, notified that neighborhood that you are having a meeting. and you wonder why, hey, most of people that show up are well informed which is fine. but the public at large, the layperson has no idea that you are even there. and he is the person or she is the person or should be at your meetings bringing up the local problems. >> and i would like to see more, i would like to see advertisements either on the bus, the community would be very good and i am sure that the community can give me free spots if somebody will dig up the posters they could put it on 150 meeting buses in the mission or the sunset or whatever, i think that you need more of that and i think, don't
need to talk about it again late this year and not in 2014, i will find out that nothing has ever been done and i thank you for your time on that issue >> any further comment on a, b, c, d, three? >> >> hi, my mame is mark capastany i am a property manager with stewart company. we manage several buildings on the sixth street corridor and i had the pleasure of having the chief in one of the buildings recently in response to an assault that occurred between a couple of our residents. this is my first one of these meetings that i have attended in the 25 years that i have been in property management and real estate and this is new for me. but i did want to take just a moment to thank the san francisco police department for the work that they do on a daily basis in the central market district of san francisco. i have been on 6th street for three years now, and i come
from the other side of the planet, so to speak, where most people can handle their own housing, afford their own housing and all of this, this area is impoverished and full of people that have trouble taking care of themselves and often get themselfs in trouble and the only thing that i think makes a difference in this area is the san francisco police department's presence on the streets. and the opening of the substation there or whatever it is being referred to as is something that we were hoping for when we first saw the plans drafted. and we were extremely happy to see it coming into existence, because i really believe that this is an important part of dealing with the neighborhood there. other than that, i just want to say, thanks for the effort that everybody makes to keep crime down in the city. because e